The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet win the Peter Sullivan / Best of Show in Malofiej

The online edition of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet ( win the Peter Sullivan Award / Best of Show during the 18th Malofiej International Infographics Awards, organized by the Spanish Chapter of the Society of News Design (SNDE).


The international jury, which met in the School of Communication of the University of Navarra from March 7th to 10th, decided to award unanimously with the Best of Show the online work titled ‘How did Europe vote in last’s year Eurovision Song Contest 2008’, (,  which shows, interactively, the division in two blocs of countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest –East and West- and the votes that these countries were granted between them.


Furthermore, the jury awarded 9 gold, 51 silver and 96 bronze medals both in printed media works as well as to online ones. 1.439 entries from 152 media from 30 countries were presented, increasing an 8% the participation registered last year. Malofiej Infographics Awards are unanimously known as the most important in the world, something like the ‘Pulitzer’ of the infographics.


The Miguel Urabayen Award to the Best Map went to National Geographic Magazine for the job ‘Venice: Flood Zone’. This Award was created in the honour of Miguel Urabayen, Visual Communication professor and movie critic, who was linked from the very beginning to journalist infographics and Malofiej Awards. In fact, Urabayen was the man who discovered in Argentina the cartographer Alejandro Malofiej (Buenos Aires, 1938-1987) and saw in him a pioneer of the genre who has definitely revolutionized the printed media during the last decade. In memoriam of Malofiej, the School of Communication of the University of Navarra created the awards as well as the Infographics World Summit, which is held every year in the Social Sciences Building. During a week, Pamplona turns into the world capital of infographics, putting together the most important professionals from the worldwide.


118 medals given from the jury were to printed entries (5 gold, 44 silver and 69 bronze medals), and 38 were to online entries (4 gold, 7 silver and 27 bronze medals).


The most awarded media was National Geographic Magazine (USA), who won 22 medals (2 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze). Next is The New York Times (USA), which in both printed and online also won 22 medals (15 online: 3 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze; and 7 printed: 2 silver and 5 bronze), and Público (Spain), with 20 medals (1 gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze).  Also received gold medals jobs from Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden), Golden Section Graphics for Die Ziet (Germany) and Spanish illustrator Enric Jardí.


The jury, chaired by Svetlana Maximchenko, Russian weekly Akzia director and SND 17th region (Russia) director, included Kaitlin Yarnall (National Geographic Magazine, USA), Scott Byrne-Fraser (BBC News On Line, UK), Manuel Canales (La Nación, Costa Rica), Hannah Fairfield (The New York Times, USA), Stefan Fichtel (KircherBurkhardt, Germany), Francesco Franchi (Il Sole 24 Ore, Italia), Ivan Kemp (Sábado, Portugal), Connie Malamed (USA), Thomas Molén (Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden), Alejandro Rojas (El Tiempo, Colombia), Álvaro Valiño (Público, España) and Ramón Salaverría (University of Navarra, Spain).


The Awards were announced on Friday, 12th March, at the end of the 18th Infographics World Summit, which has put together 150 professionals from all around the world and that has served as well to present the Malofiej 17 book. The Summit ended on Friday afternoon with a tribute to Fernando Rubio, Head of Illustration at ABC, recently deceased. Also the attendants to the Summit could contemplate an exhibition of the best works of the illustrator born in Buenos Aires.


Malofiej next meeting, number 19th, will be held in Pamplona in March 2011. The exact date is still to be confirmed.

+ Awards
  • Kaitlin Yarnall
  • Scott Byrne-Fraser
  • Manuel Canales
  • Hannah Fairfield
  • Stefan Fichtel
  • Francesco Franchi
  • Iván Kemp
  • Connie Malamed
  • Svetlana Maximchenko
  • Thomas Molen
  • Alejandro Rojas
  • Ramón Salaverría
  • Álvaro Valiño

Kaitlin Yarnall

Senior Research Editor at National Geographic Maps, where she started working in 2005. M.A in Geography in the George Washington University. She studied at Humboldt State University (2000–2005).

Scott Byrne-Fraser

Creative Director and Team Leader of the BBC Future Media and Technology Editorial design Team. Before, he worked at Sky News on broadcast 3d visual effect and information graphic design. He has had a lifelong interest in information graphics.


Manuel Canales

He has worked for over 12 years as an illustrator and graphic designer. He is currently coordinator of the computer graphics department of La Nacion (Costa Rica). He has worked as an outside consultant to study Cases i Associates, and for various media and advertising agencies.


Hannah Fairfield

Hannah Fairfield Wallander has been a graphics editor at The New York Times since 2000, and is currently based in the Washington Bureau. She was an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism from 2003 to 2009, teaching ‘Graphics in the Newsroom’.


Stefan Fichtel

Stefan has been Creative Director and head of the infographic department at KircherBurkhardt since 2006. He started his career at Focus magazine working as freelance illustrator, and join KircherBurkhardt in 2005. He also consults for wide range of newspapers and clients.


Francesco Franchi

Editorial and visual information designer. Since 2008 he has worked for ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’, the leading finantial and economical newspaper in Italy, as art director for the gentelmen’s style magazine ‘Il-Intelligence in lifestyle’.

Iván Kemp

Graphics editor at SÁBADO magazine. In 2000 he begun working as junior creative at CIMP (International Center of Marketing and Promotions), reached creative director in 2001 and betwen 2001 and 2005 worked as senior creative. In 2005 he begun working at SÁBADO as graphic artist.

Connie Malamed

Consults, presents, and writes about visual communication as well as online learning design and development. She is the author of Visual Language For Designers: Creating Graphics That People Understand (Rockport). Connie writes regularly at

Svetlana Maximchenko

She is editor-in-chief of Akzia newspaper (Russia), and SND Regional Director of 17 region, Russia, since June 2008. Akzia was founded in 2001, and she was one of the founders. She runs a community about news designand a blog about free newspapers in Russia.


Thomas Molen

He is a visual journalist at Svenska Dagbladet (Stockholm) since 2001. Before that he worked at Dagens Nyheter after his graduation from Information, Illustration and Design at Mälardalens University in 1994. He also works as a freelance illustrator and map-maker.


Alejandro Rojas

Social communicator with emphasis on audiovisual production of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He began his career as a producer-journalist at Caracol Televisión in the sporting department, then moved to the department of graphics of Casa Editorial El Tiempo as a reporter.

Ramón Salaverría

Professor and Director of the MMLab of the School of Communication at the University of Navarra. Vice-chair of the Journalism Studies Section of the ECREA. Considered one of the most influential Spanish on the Internet, according the newspaper El Mundo (Spain).


Álvaro Valiño

Graphics director at Publico since February 2009, although he has been working as infographist at this newspaper since 2007. Previously he worked as graphic artist for 8 years at La Voz de Galicia.


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