National Geographic Magazine and win Peter Sullivan Award / Best of Show in print and online categories respectively

National Geographic Magazine and (USA) won both Peter Sullivan Award / Best of Show during the 19th Malofiej International Infographics Awards, organized by the Spanish Chapter of the Society of News Design (SNDE).


The international jury, which met in the School of Communication of the University of Navarra from March 20th to 23th, decided to give  two awards, one in print and the other in online. National Geographic Magazine won the printed Best of Show with its graphics ‘Gulf of Mexico’, and NYTimes got the same award in online category because of its job ‘How Mariano Rivera Dominates Hitters’.


Furthermore, the jury awarded 8 gold, 25 silver and 77 bronze medals both in printed media works as well as to online ones. 1.356 entries from 151 media from 29 countries were presented, which represents a slight decrease from that registered last year in the contest, wich is unanimously known as the most important in the world, and its awards, the ‘Pulitzer’ of the infographics.


The Miguel Urabayen Award to the Best Map went to National Geographic Magazine for their job ‘World of Rivers'. This Award was created six years ago in the honour of Miguel Urabayen, Visual Communication professor and movie critic, who was linked from the very beginning to journalist infographics and Malofiej Awards. In fact, Urabayen was the man who discovered in Argentina the cartographer Alejandro Malofiej and saw in him a pioneer of the genre who has definitely revolutionized the printed media during the last decade. In memoriam of deceased Malofiej, the School of Communication of the University of Navarra created the awards as well as the Infographics World Summit, which is held every year in the Social Sciences Building. During a week, Pamplona turns into the world capital of infographics, putting together the most important professionals from the worldwide.


110 medals were given from the jury to 71 printed entries (5 gold, 16 silver and 50 bronze medals), and 39 were to online entries (3 gold, 9 silver and 27 bronze medals).


The most awarded media were National Geographic Magazine and (USA), who won 2 gold medals each one. Also received gold medals jobs from The  Washington Post, Público (Spain), In Graphics (Germany) and (Brazil).


The jury, chaired by RyanJ. Sparrow, Professor at the Department of Journalism at Ball State University (United Kingdom) was integrated by Paul Blickle, Graphics Artist at Golden Section Graphics and Art Director at In Graphics (Germany); Jorge Cortés, Graphics and Multimedia Editor at La Tercera (Chile); Stephen Few, consultant of Perceptual Edges (USA); Haika Hinze, Art Director at Die Zeit (Germany); Chiqui Esteban, New Narratives director at (Spain); Paolo Ciuccarelli, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano (Italy); Pablo Loscri, Graphics Director at Clarín (Argentina); Matt Perry, Information Graphics Director at The San Diego Union-Tribune (USA); Kat Downs, Innovations Editor for Graphics at The Washington Post (USA) and Joe Ward, Sports Graphics Editor at The New York Times (Estados Unidos).


The Awards were given on Friday, 25th March, at the end of the 19th Infographics World Summit, which has put together more than 110 professionals from all around the world and that has served as well to present the Malofiej 18 book, wich includes the winners of the past edition together with a number of articles like the one written by Mario Tascón about the oldest graphic known to date in Spanish, made in 1638. The book, with over 250 pages, includes an interview with Alberto Cairo, one of the persons of referente when it comes to modern journalistic infographics; a great Joint article on the Sagrada Familia church on the occasion of its consecration, signed by the journalists and graphic artists Fernando G. Baptista (National Geographic), Jaime Serra and Raul Camañas (La Vanguardia), plus Jesús Gil and Julián de Velasco (El Mundo), or an exploration of infographics’s future through new formats, among others.


Malofiej next meeting, numer 20th, will be held in Pamplona in march 2012. The exact date is still to be confirmed.

+ Awards
  • Paul Blickle
  • Jorge Cortés
  • Stephen Few
  • Haika Hinze
  • Chiqui Esteban
  • Paolo Ciuccarelli
  • Pablo Loscri
  • Matt Perry
  • Kat Downs
  • Joe Ward
  • Ryan J. Sparrow

Paul Blickle

Infographics artist at Golden Section Graphics (Germany) since 2009. Head of the fibonacciLab, a place for experimenting with emerging Technologies for research, design and interaction. Former student of Prof. Stoll at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Art Director of the IN GRAPHICS magazine.

Jorge Cortés

Graphics and Multimedia Editor at chilean daily La Tercera since August 2010. Before this he worked at the same newspaper as Graphics and Multimedia Deputy Editor, and befote as Graphics-journalist. He graduated in Social Communication from the Catholic University Andrés Bello

Stephen Few

For more than 25 years he has worked as an Information Technology innovator, teacher, and consultant, culminating in his current work as a leader in the field of data visualization. Through his consultancy, Perpetual Edges, he teaches simple, clear and practical data visualization techniques.

Haika Hinze

She is working for the German weekly Die Zeit since 1997. She began as a designer and assisted the relaunch by Mario Garcia. After being Art Director for the magazine Zeitpunkte she stayed for three years in Berlin designing the weekly’s department ‘Leben’. Since 2005 she is back in Hamburg as Art Director of Die Zeit.

Chiqui Esteban

New Narratives director at, and Graphics consultant at Innovation Media Consulting. He started at La Voz de Galicia graphics department and after this he coordinated the Graphics department at Diario de Cádiz, Diario de Jerez and Europa Sur. He was part of the team that founded Publico (Madrid).

Paolo Ciuccarelli

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, he teaches in the Communication Design Master degree. He founded the DensityDesign Research Lab where he currently holds the position of scientific director. His research activity focuses on the development of data, information and knowledge visualization tools.

Pablo Loscri

Graphics Director at Clarín since 2008, where he works since 1997. Graphic Designer from the Architecture, Design and Urbanism School, in the University of Buenos Aires, an institution for which he conducts workshops and conferences every year. He has won over 50 international awards, both from SND and SND-E.

Matt Perry

Since 2004 he is Information Graphics Director at The San Diego Union-Tribune. Before this hw has worked as News artista at The Times-Picayune, The Associated Press,  The Times-Union, The Ball State Daily News and The Oregonian.

Kat Downs

Innovations Editor for Graphics at The Washington Post, where she creates data-driven Interactive graphics and leads efforts to develop new methods of telling visual stories on the web. She also taught Interactive information design at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism last semestre.

Joe Ward

Has been the Sports Graphics Editor at The New York Times since 1991. Started at The Times in the map section after majoring in Geography and Cartography at the University of Buffalo.

Ryan J. Sparrow

Instructor of the Department of Journalism at Ball State University (United Kingdom), where he is director since 2010. He teaches photojournalism, news design (both print and web), interactivity, information graphics, public relations design and professional development.


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